Friends of Tavistock Square
The Event
The Duchess's Speech

'Thank you and all concerned for inviting me to perform the opening ceremony for the newly refurbished garden. What a splendid occasion it was and lovely weather. It really does look so nice now and all in all a great success.'

Her Grace Henrietta Duchess of Bedford

The remembrance of your re-opening of your glorious Tavistock Square will surely be with you and your enchanted guests for ever!

The square is indeed fortunately situated in the heart of this University district - attracting the marvellous loyalty of the distinguished young. All the introductory speeches were alive with the present and the future!

It was specially kind of you to refer to Alan's Rhododendrons grown by my late husbands's dear friend Dr Ray Thornton.

Her Grace the Duchess gave us a most interesting account of the Square's history. I myself knew this area when my sister Lys was an Editor at the Magazine 'Horizon' - during the war years. She and Cyril Conolly lived at Bedford Square. Later my sister bought two floors of one of the Regency Clarence Gare houses off Baker Street. The magazine closed at the end of the war and my sister left for New York - staying with Alice Astor - then takilng an editorship at Doubledays.

It was very special to be present at this lovely and historic occasion.

Thank you so much.

Faye Campbell-Johnson                                                                                                                                                         

'I just wanted to say how very successful Adrian and I thought the opening was. Everything was as it should be a community event, convivial, good speeches and excellent champagne and food in the glorious sunshine... who would have thought it a few years ago? Thank you to everyone.

We had the opportunity to talk to many people we hadn't met before as well as old friends.

I was also touched to be able to thank the fireman and to speak to the relatives of the 7/7 victims.'

Evelyn Abberton, Committee Member

'Congratulations to Philip Nelson, Margaret Brett, and all the other Committee members who made the Tavistock Opening such a perfect event. It could not be faulted in any way and certainly emphasised what an efficient group you have been. I am sure that all that liasing with Camden and other benefactors was time consuming and needed much diplomacy. Thank you on behalf of all we local residents who benefit from your hard work.

I walked through Tavistock Square the following day with my husband and were impressed by the improvements especially the newly planted beds. The edging and grass quality made us feel that Russell Square could now do with some attention too!'

Valerie Marchant, Friends of Russell Square

'I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work on the refurbishment of Tavistock Square Gardens. It was a truly fantastic day, well done.'

Cllr Tulip Siddiq, Cabinet Member for Culture


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